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The foundation of any good restaurant, caterer, or meal prep service is a well-engineered menu. Menus need to be quickly found online, easy to read, and drive your customers to purchase your most profitable menu items. There is a certain amount of menu psychology that goes into where and how to feature specific menu items. Did you know that leaving the dollar sign $ off of your menu makes your customers feel like your restaurant is more affordable? Or that by having a varied range of prices and by mixing the high priced menu items in with the low priced menu items your customers are more likely to choose a moderately priced menu item? Our menu consulting services can help your restaurant design an aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible, and profitable menu




Here is a paper menu mockup we did for a client, their most profitable menu items are the Mixed Greens Salad, the Sides, and Desserts.

As you can see, these menu items are featured at the top or bottom of the menu, are easy to see and the prices look appealing compared to the prices of the sandwiches and wraps.

This paper menu differs from the digital menu we developed for their overhead digital menu display as this version contains specific descriptions that the customer would be interested in, whereas the digital version (below) is cleaner, bolder, and more straightforward and makes for a quicker ordering process for both the customer and employee.

In our free initial consultation with Chicken Ranch, we identified the fact that they were offering two sizes of salads, small and large, and the large salad was priced at only 150% of the price of the small salad but they were using 200% of the ingredients and many of the salads were being returned unfinished. Chicken Ranch sold $250,000 worth of large salads last year; by eliminating large salads we saved them over $15,000 in food costs which then went back into their bottom line WITHOUT affecting the revenue created by salads sold. Simple solutions like this is what our company specializes in. How much can Uncommon Fruit LLC save your business with our menu engineering services?


In addition to paper, online, and digital displayed menus our menu consulting services can help your restaurant develop and display touchless menus in the form of QR code table-tents/placards that your customer can scan with their smartphone and even order and pay at the table themselves.

Restaurant menus, catering menus or meal prep menus, our consulting firm can also help you develop profitable drink menus as well. With over 12 years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry, we have developed cocktail menus and wine lists for many businesses and focus on sourcing sustainable California produced wines and like to focus on women-owned and operated wineries and even a few Non-Profit organizations that sell wine for good causes like education and the environment.

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