Restaurant Management Consulting

Starting and managing a small business like a restaurant, caterer or meal prep company, is hard, if not impossible to do on your own. Owners have to be good at every single aspect of the business like accounting, hiring and training employees, menu design, marketing AND be expert chefs on top of it all. That’s when hiring an outside consulting service, like Uncommon Fruit LLC, to help you make sense of and take advantage of all of the tools, technology, and tricks of the trade make sense. You may be asking yourself, “Can I afford a restaurant consultant?” In reality, most restaurants can’t afford NOT to.


Start-Up Services

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Restaurant Consulting Services

If you’re just thinking about starting a restaurant, or a home-based food business like a Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation, Uncommon Fruit LLC offers Start-Up services, like helping you locate potential commercial rental properties for your space, or permitting your home kitchen to incubate your business before you scale-up. We can also help you find the right pieces of NSF approved commercial equipment and often get you a much better price on gently used kitchen equipment or take advantage of rebates for new energy-efficient kitchen appliances like stoves, ovens, fryers, and refrigerators.

One key, and often overlooked, component of a successful restaurant is a profitably designed menu. A restaurant’s menu should be easy to read, clear, concise, and most important feature your business’ most profitable menu items. Did you know that consumers are most likely to order menu items that are at the top and center of your menu? Here is a great presentation from Cal Poly Pomona on the “Stars, Plowhorses, Puzzles & Dogs” method for menu design. Now, more than ever, having an easily accessible online ordering platform and the menu is not only an ADA legal requirement BUT it also will make your restaurant menu items easy to find and order on Google.

Many consumers are looking for menu items and recipes that are sustainable, healthy, or prescribed to specific diets like keto, paleo, or gluten-free. We can help you test, develop, and write recipes as well as cost them out so you know exactly each plate's costs so you can cut food costs and maximize profit. If you’re considering offering meal prep, or keto dishes (which are a growing sector of the meal industry) we can provide nutritional analysis so your customers can know exactly how many calories, grams of fat, carbs, and proteins so they can meet their nutritional goals.

How We Can Help..

There are so many different online ordering sites, apps, software, or pieces of technology that restaurants can take advantage of to increase sales and improve profitability. Unfortunately, many of them are prohibitively expensive, some online ordering platforms take up to a 30% commission, just for accepting orders. Using our restaurant management consulting services you can quickly and easily set up your own online ordering platform and website that takes 0% commission so you can keep more of your profits. Contact us today to book a free initial consultation, and let our restaurant consultants help you make your restaurant succeed.