What does a restaurant consultant do?

A good restaurant consultant can help their clients succeed at any stage of running a food business; from the idea and brainstorming process, to business planning and market research all the way through restaurant design and day to day operations. Our goal at Uncommon Fruit is to create sustainable food businesses that are profitable, resilient and a part of a vibrant local food system.

How much does consulting cost?

A consultant's hourly rate can vary, but is usually between $25-$100 an hour depending on the level of experience of the consultant. Here at Uncommon Fruit we offer low cost consulting options from as little as $24 for our Sustainability Audit. Additionally, if you're a good fit for our Deferred Incentive program, we can work with you to find a price that works for you AND motivates our consultants to help you improve your business metrics.

What sort of results can I expect?

Uncommon Fruit has helped over 10 restaurants/food businesses successfully launch over the years, so if you're planning on starting a new restaurant, you can count on us guiding you every step of the way. If you have an existing restaurant and are looking to cut costs or improve sales, Uncommon Fruit can reduce your Cost of Goods Sold by 5% after just a couple of consulting sessions.

How can I start my own restaurant?

Even in these uncertain times, everyone has to eat, and the restaurant industry employs one in eleven Americans and has been an essential industry as long as restaurants have fed our communities. With a lot of thought, careful planning, and passion running a restaurant can be a profitable and rewarding career so book a consultation with Uncommon Fruit today.